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Discover the impact that the data from our 3D hub is having across Birmingham 


How Birmingham is using data to support those living in fuel poverty 

The current energy crisis in the UK means thousands more people are being plunged into fuel poverty. This is where people have to spend a high proportion of their income to keep their homes warm due to a combination of inadequate insulation and heating, expensive energy tariffs, and low incomes.

We supported Birmingham City Council to tackle poor housing within the city focusing on those most at risk of fuel poverty. The council was given access to data from our 3D hub and we helped with the data analysis in order to identify properties most likely to have low incomes and poor energy efficiency ratings, using EPC and fuel poverty data. EPCs (Energy Performance Certificates) give properties a rating from A to G, with G being the least energy efficient. 

This information allowed the council to decide where to allocate funding from the Local Authority Delivery Scheme, a government initiative that aims to raise the energy efficiency of low-income homes with EPC ratings of E, F or G. People living in these houses could get up to £10,000 towards energy saving upgrades such as insulation. 


Cathy Sage who works on the 3D hub said:


“We’re really pleased to be able to support Birmingham council with the application of their Local Authority Delivery Scheme. It’s really exciting to see the data from our hub being used to create change within the city.” 


The results from analysing the data showed: 

• Three parliamentary constituencies in Birmingham - Perry Barr, Hall Green and Yardley - were identified as having the most need, with the highest proportions of E, F and G properties and fuel poor households.
•  It is possible to identify the neighbourhoods with the highest proportion of fuel poor households so that they can be targeted first. CSE's recommendation is that the council focuses on areas where more than a quarter of households are in fuel poverty, totalling around 6,500 households across all three constituencies.

For further information about the 3D hub contact Bridget Newbery:


Community groups taking on local projects for a zero carbon future 

Through our project, we've been able to support community groups to use data from our hub to take on innovative projects.

Hear from Jon Halle at Community Energy Birmingham on their Solar PV project and Simon Needle from

Birmingham tree people on their tree equity maps!  

Find out more about these projects and the others we have supported here

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