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Support is available for organisations interested in using this data on analysis and modelling, as well on sourcing additional data.

This website is part of a project funded though the ICLEI Action Fund and managed by the Centre for Sustainable Energy working alongside Birmingham City Council and the Climate Assembly (previously the Birmingham Route to Zero Taskforce) and local community partners.

Data to Decarbonise in a Decade

Helping you use open data to deliver your carbon reduction initiatives in Birmingham ... 

Achieving net zero is a huge challenge, but there are ways in which the transition to zero carbon can be accelerated. One of these is through information and data. 


This website hosts a Data-hub which makes available a range of data sets including open data on housing, travel, waste, energy, and emissions. It's easy to use, with some features to help with visualisation. 


Datasets include statistics on regional and sub-regional fuel poverty, air quality, electric car charging points, buildings emissions, cycle routes and more. It's all fully anonymised and meets latest privacy guidance and legislation.

Some data sets can be more easily interpreted when data is presented as graphs, charts, maps or images. You can do this by downloading data and manipulating it using appropriate software, but you can also do this within the hub itself for many of the data sets. This is a feature we’re continuing to improve and add to, and we’d love to know if there are specific visualisations you would find useful. See the user guide (pdf) or user guide video below for more information about downloading and working with data.

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